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Iconyx Motorcycle (IMC) is a female Motorcycle Club. The Objective of Iconyx Motorcycle (IMC) is to provide social, recreational and educational opportunities for the members, their extended family members and friends. Also, promote safe motorcycling, charitable and community service projects.

Iconyx Motorcycle Club is a nonprofit organization under the laws of Maryland. 

Where We Ride


Iconyx MC  believes in building bonds of friendship, good companionship, and mutual understanding with others. 

Why We Do It


 Iconyx Motorcycle Club shares the common interest of motorcycling, promoting motorcycle safety, social networking and the togetherness of family unity. In our enjoyment of the sport of motorcycling, we will provide support to various charities across the United States. 

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Send us a message with any questions or suggestions on events, shows, and more. Whether you're new to the motorcycle scene, or a longtime rider, we look forward to welcoming you to the community.

Iconyx MC

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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